We are a family run operation with family values and morals.  Riding instruction is provided by the owner, Deborah White, who is a C.H.A. Certified Instructor.

The primary reason that Debby, the Director and primary instructor, began Triple Crown Horsemanship Camp was based on the young students she saw during her riding lesson program who truly dreamed to own their own horse, as she did when she was young, but simply did not have the financial means to realize this dream. These students were always searching for any knowledge they could obtain during lessons and lived and breathed horses.

In order to provide ALL horse lovers with the experience of “owning” a horse, if even for a week or two, she began Triple Crown Horsemanship Camp. She has continued to maintain low reasonable weekly fees to help all students enjoy this experience. The focus of camp is to provide the young lady in your life with a memorable, educational experience that focuses on beginner and intermediate English and/or Western riding skills combined with the opportunities to gain and/or improve her horsemanship skills.

Our program focuses on horses, safety, a maximum of twelve campers per week, and FUN! We do enjoy swimming, crafts, and learning activities during the day; however, we are a working horse farm and want to provide an experience of living on a horse farm. The horses are all on the grounds and your young lady will actually be able to hear the horses in their pastures while resting in her cabin at night.