The primary goal of Triple Crown Horsemanship Camp Riding Lesson Program is to provide your child with a positive, safe horseback riding experience. Your beginning rider will not only learn how to ride a horse, but also how to groom, tack, and take care of a horse. Intermediate riders will enjoy instructed time in the saddle to improve their skills. The program aims to build self esteem and confidence in all riders.

Your instructor will be Deborah White. The riding lesson program is an extension of the Triple Crown Horsemanship Camp offered to young ladies each summer.


Please contact us at 315-654-2694 for details on when. The riding stable is located at 30395 County Route 4 in Cape Vincent at the home of Triple Crown Horsemanship Camp.


Lessons are offered to students that are currently enrolled in the first grade, or higher, due to requirements of strength, attention span, and ability to follow through with given directions. The number of riders in each lesson will be kept to a minimum of 5-6 and may include riders of varying abilities and ages.


Riders must commit to at least one Group Set for a total cost of $150 for five lessons. Payment to be made as follows: Payment of $30, in the form of cash or personal check, is due upon arrival at each lesson – payment is required for all five lessons with a group set. If your child does not attend a lesson due to personal reasons, sports, or other outside commitments, payment of $30 will remain due to the instructors.


The only piece of equipment required for riding lessons is jeans! We can supply the riding boots and hard helmets required for riding for a small fee of $10 per rider/per Group Set if the rider does not have their own. Please communicate the need for this equipment upon arrival at your first lesson of each Group Set.


We allow “Observation Night” the final night of each Group Set. Due to the safety of your children, and everyone involved, we ask that children are left in our care and custody during the 90 minute lesson for the first four lessons in each Group Set. The final lesson will provide you with a review of the skills your child has gained during their lessons and you’re invited to attend this lesson, but remain as an observer not an instructor. Thanks for your cooperation and for understanding the concern for your child’s safety.